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This is the giveaway prize for teal-rasferian.

I am surprised and pleased that all of your decided to participate, even those of you near the end who knew you had a less than 1% chance of being chosen. 

teal-rasferian, please respond before 24 July 00:00 GMT.

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Chinese Artist Exhibits Gorgeous ‘Sculptures’ Built By Bees

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The Beijing-based artist and beekeeper Ren Ri is a focused man. His new three-part series — titled “Yuansu” in reference to the Chinese word for “element” — turns bees into his collaborators. Yuansu II features sculptures made by bees, of beeswax.

In an interview with CoolHunting, Ren explains the “special” properties that make beeswax such an interesting material:

“It’s unstable and can change shape with temperature. The structure of wax cells is orthohexagonal, which is an inconceivable feature in the natural world and it’s a peculiarity of honeybees.”

The sculptures are housed in transparent plastic polyhedrons. At the center of each is the queen bee, positioned thusly so as to enable the worker bees to build around her. They build symmetrically, due to the even planes of the polyhedrons. Every seventh day, Ren changes the gravity of the structure by rotating the box onto a different side. The act is in reference to the biblical concept of creation, but introduces a random element. Ren determines how to shift the box by the roll of a dice. Each time, there’s no telling how the bees will react to their new environment.

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Because you know you’d secretly want free art from someone who you follow yet hardly speak to.

So here you go, this is it, have faith in your luck.

/// RULES 01 - Dates

  • BEGINS: Today, right now, right when you see this post.
  • ENDS: 00:00 AWST (that is GMT+8 for you). September 1st. 2014

/// RULES 02 - Eligibility

  • 1st to 3rd Places:  Any follower.
  • Loyalist’s Prize: Any one of the 175 followers who are already following.

/// RULES 03 - How to Join

  1. Likes & Reblogs count as 1 entry.
  2. 1 entry per account.
  3. Giveaway blogs are not allowed, I will check.

/// RULES 04 - You’ve Won! Congratulations!! Here’s what you should know before requesting

  1. I will do only 1 character of your request. No more than 1.
  2. As you can see, I draw females WAY MUCH better than guys.
  3. NSFW is limited to aesthetically pleasing nudity, no explicit poses/themes.
  4. I can’t draw animals well. Please don’t torture me.
  5. Art styles are limited to the samples above.
  6. Artworks will be 500px in width and 750px in height. They will be in 72dpi.


May the odds be ever in your favor.